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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  December 20, 2015 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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and it is picked off by shazier! didn't have a whole lot on that pass with all that pressure. the likes of tuitt and dupree. phil: dupree on the outside, tuitt chases him. dupree is all over him. and as you said it, under pressure. can't get the speed on the football that he wants and when you are under pressure, harder to make the right decision down the field. jim: mike tomlin playing to the cameras. quick pass. of gain of 9. he got away from talib and he is
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regional action next sunday, patriots and the jets. all beginning with j.b. and the crew and nelftnelft phil: this game looks like last week's game. they dominated on both sides of the ball. and couldn't do it the second half. jim: that's williams. picking up the first down. they got shot out last week in the second half. they have been blanked here in the second half, talking about denver. and too much pressure on the defense. the defense, this hasn't been a bad half by the denver defense.
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haley, now playing the distance and the clock and the time of the game, well done. jim: first down with p:30 to go. fires it. touchdown! again, it's brown! antonio brown. having another monster performance. 23-yard touchdown. phil: these receivers. they know all you got to do is give our quarterback just a little window. watching him step back and he just rips it. and antonio brown gets inside. a safety in the middle. but when you are throwing the ball like ben roethlisberger is, not much you can do on the defensive side. jim: chris harris, one of the
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he has turned around. i don't know if he ever has in his career had a day quite like this. phil: well. jim: second time for a touchdown. phil: antonio brown on the second side. he never gets over there. watch. even though he releases inside. watch the quarterback just let it go. and the window is tight. made it look easy, didn't he? jim: antonio makes a lot of things look easy. he and roethlisberger. but brown, he puts up these catch games like this. 15 receptions like this now. and 17-catch game against oakland. phil: that's what i have been
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weeks for ben roethlisberger, just one good throw after another. and jim, you and i have talked about this. this steeler offense, the talent, it's there. but the scheme is outstanding also. when you put the two things together in the nfl, you usually get greatness and that's what we have watched when you talk about the steelers' offense. jim: norwood. it's a reverse to latimer. latimer is going to set them up at about the 40. do you think this injury late in
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shoulder has impacted osweiler and this bronco offense? phil: i do not. i do not. i do not see any hesitation in his threes. what is bothering is the steeler coverage in the pass rush. jim: it was behind behind daniels. they had that good throw to vernon davis that would have been a huge throw and a huge gain. didn't look like he was hurting there. phil: he mad the receiver and looked the defense off and the football not on target. jim: emmanuel sanders, who was on a feeding frenzy, has had that one catch in the third quarter for about 36 yards.
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second and 10. anderson, shoved out by will allen. 3:00 to go and all time-outs on the board for all teams. phil: interesting situation thinking ahead. if they don't get this here, i this they will punt the football and use the 2:00 warning. jim: heyward shaken up. he is going to be helped to the sideline. phil: we had big plays where the football has been dropped in the last couple of weeks by the broncos.
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position and momentum of this game if vernon davis, new to the football team, they traded for him. never an easy adjustment. i don't care what position it is. jim: acquired in the trade on november 2. phil: as i sit here and think again, third and 4, 3:00 to go and you need a touchdown to tie this game. jim: thinking now four-down territory? phil: hedging on my first instinct. steeler offense is doing so well. jim: they haven't been able to stop them. phil: gary kubiak has to be thinking the same way here. jim: need to get to the 50 for
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haven't been in pittsburgh territory this entire half. to the sideline and sanders with the catch. phil: what a throw. good throw. stepped up and that's what the defense is going to make him do. he was going to have to throw outside. found the one-on-one. boy, look at these routes by emmanuel sanders. jim: putting all kinds of moves on cockrell. 181 yards receiving. exact total antonio brown has. and there's the drop. thomas. phil: tough catch.
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in the drop category. jim: you want to reconsider? phil: yeah, i do. i got more information, so i changed my opinion. jim: a little visual evidence. thomas has one catch. should have had a second. second and 10. osweiler steps around the contact and slides for 5. and that will get another third and 5 on the way. phil: no question they are in four-down territory. not sure that kubiak is relaying that message to osweiler. don't take a sack. you have two downs to pick up these five yards.
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time-out steelers. this will second half putting into highlight form to brown, to wheaton and then the exception and then another one back to antonio brown. phil: he knew, you know, sometimes you know as a quarterback it's a special throw and throw to antonio brown is sweet. jim: 24 unanswered points. now, third and 5. tough pass. incomplete.
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demaryius thomas. phil: coverage was great by cockrell. they are going to together. 88 across the field. jim: nothing there. here we go, fourth down. thomas and sanders to the near side. pass. incomplete. that was going to be tough to pick up the first down having even caught it. a linebacker was waiting for anderson. denver has three time-outs plus the 28:00 warning. phil: i do not think it's going to pick up the first down.
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them a yard or two short. phil: one first down. it will be enough to probably win the game. jim: with those three tousts down. phil:hat's right. i understand. they are going to let it go to the 2:00 warning. jim: williams. and stopped for no gain, maybe one. they are going to take the time-out at 2:0. their first. phil: save eight sends. but one way to do it, gary kubiak says let me save every
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delegate what it has to do to move the football if they get it back. jim: second and 9. are they going to throw it here? they are coming in on him. and it is intercepted. the broncos defense has the football! and they can't believe he did it. marshall with the pick. phil: tried to catch him by surprise. the coverage, they wanted to go deep down the field. the coverage was there. and roethlisberger, i saw him move, i just said, he'll just
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right before the 2:00 warning. jim: were you surprised they were throwing? are phil: i was surprised just because the way the broncos' offense has had so much trouble. moving the ball. run the football and punt it. but that was as big as it gets. jim: how many times have we seen this this year. it allows the broncos to have an extra play before the clock stoppage. phil: the broncos have two time-outs, 2:00 warning. he is looking down the field. the coverage. it's there. jim: they are waiting upstairs to make sure that marshall made
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going to look at it. possession of the football, just pened it against his left shoulder pad. don't see anything there that you would overturn. he rolls over and he still has the ball in the same position. you have to figure, this is going to hold up as the take-away by marshall and he knows it. sudden little plot twist here my friend. phil: unbelievable. it's a mistake.
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roethlisberger playing almost a perfect game. making so many incredible throws. that decision, probably the baddest decision he has made all year long. referee: after the review, the ruling on the field stands. first down, denver. jim: ben just shakes his head. ready to put this game game away. 41-yard line of the steelers. 2:01 remaining. shotgun time for the broncos. and it's incomplete. two steelers, cockrell and shazier were there to help break it apart.
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jim: tonight on cbs begins with "60 minutes," the season premier -- second and 10 coming out of the 2:00 break. osweiler. game ender in all likelihood. phil: that was a bad decision by osweiler. zone coverage. look at him dropping break. the safety breathes him the whole way. time is there. he can throw the football underneath. you don't have to look down the field. for a guy 20 throw to. jim: third down and 10. osweiler. goes deep.
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the receive every was on the ground. sanders. and osweiler thought it had something to do with contact. phil: could have been incidental tripping, not sure. bottom of your screen. yeah. they step on each other's feet. the broncos' receivers have not beaten coverage by the steelers. the steelers have challenged them. jim: much maligned secondary. fourth and 10. osweiler, down the field. and incompleet! was going to sanders. william gay was there to deny and just after the broncos are given a gift on the
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in four downs. phil: they did. there could have been a window here to throw it in. coverage was tight. william gay all over sanders. number 10, coming across. throws high. took a deep breath there and i understand there. jim: 2000 time-outs for the broncos. williams, who has been held in check today. 13 carries for 22 yards. and the time-out right away. that play took fifle seconds. phil: you go back to that
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did you throw it? i'll tell you why. they have a top flight, big-time nfl quarterback and trusted him. if you can't do it with ben roethlisberger, who are you going to do it with. he made a huge mistake but the steeler defense came up with some more good plays. jim: second half saga story line for the broncos. second and 9. unless something happens here. another quick time-out. and five seconds off the clock and denver can't stop it again. if the broncos lose here. new england clinches a buy into the divisional round.
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game of denver out west. pittsburgh with a win, again assuming, they'll close that out, move into the six-spot ahead of the jets. phil: the big thing is to look to, who is denver playing the last couple games. they host cincinnati. jim: they clinched a playoff berth. phil: look at the schedule but it puts denver in a worrisome situation. if they do lose here mainly because the offense because of the failures. jim: they blitz, thirs and 6. brown closes it out with the catch. his 16th of the game. phil: there's a blitz.
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this is a staple of this pittsburgh offense. in. it started with bill cowher and every coordinator has done the outcuts. no many teams can make those throws. the steelers are great at it. referee: number 94. jim: victory formation time for the steelers to close this out. roethlisberger tied his career high with 40 completions in a game.
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touchdowns. denver shutout in the third straight week. four precision drives. phil: they made it look easy. everything was sharp practices protection and we saw none of that in the second half. jim: great comeback by the steelers. down 27-10 and come back to win it 24-27. there is a look at it. and the afc the steelers said coming in were the hot team and there will be more talk about that heading into week 16 off of this performance.
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phil: they got to be excited. they are excited about their offense. but defense showed some hope there in the second half. they have to carry it on for the rest of the year. jim: 34-27, pittsburgh victory. for all of us, so long from pittsburgh. by all means have a happy holidays and merry christmas. you have been watching the nfl on cbs, home of super bowl 50.philoh his b hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right? jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico.
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